Learn More About Dr. Joanny LiuThe Secrets to Eliminating Sports InjuriesKnock Out Concussions, by Dr. Joanny Liu
Learn More About Dr. Joanny LiuThe Secrets to Eliminating Sports InjuriesKnock Out Concussions, by Dr. Joanny Liu

Stevie Baggs and Dr. Joanny

Stevie Baggs with Dr. Joanny Sports Medicine

Concussion AND PCS are temporary.

  1. Have you been fired, released or forced to quit since you’ve had your concussion?
  2. Are you still suffering from awful headaches long after your concussion?
  3. Are you putting off your plans and the things you want to do since your concussion?
  4. Are you depressed?
  5. Are you having ANY suicidal thoughts at all?



The state of concussion “treatments” in conventional medicine is non-existent. The NFL paid a group of the brightest minds in neuroscience ($100 million) to come up with answers. Last summer they announced it: exercise.


Man, athletes EXERCISE for a living!

No wonder the thought of concussion happening to a young brain has parents panicked. Intuitively they know this is NOT an answer.

So let’s cut the crap. The answer is in the piles of research on neuroscience, neuropyschology and neuroplasticity just lying on shelves gathering dust. But Dr. Joanny has GOOD news. She studied the research, put two and two together and it suddenly dawned on her why her clients were getting better faster and recovering at record pace – it didn’t matter what injury it was – but ESPECIALLY concussions.

The brain is easy to heal. Period. If you know what to do. If you know how to trigger the right type of brain plasticity that grows and repairs brain cells. You see brain plasticity can work both ways – it can grow or it can shrink. A healthy brain grows.

Dr. Joanny figured out how to apply the science.

Let’s harness your self-worth and spirituality to bring POWER to healing. Let’s NOT sweep these most important elements under the rug. Your Self-esteem and Spirituality have almost EVERYTHING to do with the successful healing of your concussions and Post-concussion Syndrome (PCS) without the fear of repeat concussions. After all the ONLY reasons why you’ve ever succeeded are because you had ambition, an optimistic mindset and the knowledge you could do what you wanted. These are the things that DROVE your successes.

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The Time To Act is NOW!

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There is no current viable treatment for concussions.  Your MDs mostly tell you to rest and wait it out. But even their research tells them that this might make you more susceptible to depression. Not a good prognosis.  But you have now found this website. There are answers.

If we’re talking about concussions then we must talk about the brain.  The latest research is now saying that you should exercise while recovering. But that remains to be seen.

If we’re talking about the brain, then why aren’t they using the vast mountains of research in neuropsychology, neuroscience and neuroplasticity? Why isn’t this vast knowledge being applied? Because they don’t know how. So that’s why they have a very hands off approach to “helping” you. Manipulating the rest of the body won’t help you.

What will help is applied neuropsychology, neuroscience and neuroplasticity that was discovered inside a clinical practice. A number of astounding discoveries were made by Dr. Joanny Liu while she doing research on the brain in her spare time. What she found out about the brain and its different parts began to make things add up and make sense in her practice.   It became very clear why her clients were getting better even when many had suffered for many years, even decades or most of their lives.

It all became very clear that doctors must become good outside-of-the-box psychologists to help people heal. Because the mind-body-spirit connection isn’t hard to prove. Scientists have known it all along but they couldn’t bring their minds to approve of it or call it that. The answers lay in ancient Classical Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Joanny is not only concerned about getting you back in the game as soon as possible, but also wants to make sure your future is long, healthy and prosperous. Healing is not for the weak minded. It is for those who have a truly strong desire to live life to its fullest. If you finally understand yourself, if you understand that your emotional state is a critical part of your success in health and sport, then you will overcome the previous weaknesses. To reinvent yourself.

Healing requires work, instruction,  coaching, continuity, commitment and consistency.  Those are your ingredients. You must do what you’ve never done before. You must harness your own spiritual powers to become whole again. Resilience is key. Strength of mind which doesn’t necessarily mean mentally tough – we don’t really know what that means!

If you’ve ever wanted to recover quickly from your concussion and PCS (and for that matter any injury) without hassling with the fear of re-injury then THIS will be the most important message you’ll ever read. You have to receive stress relief that is counter-intuitive because that’s what works!  We’re talking about the brain, remember? So you must use your mind to heal your brain.  Your brain is not your mind. But what’s in your mind makes a huge difference to the health of your brain and the rest of your body.

Are you ready for a quantum leap?
Or do you want the status quo?

Don’t you think current concussion protocols are pretty hit and miss? Following the Return-to-Play Protocol makes sense. However they don’t have a way for you to actually advance through every step. It’s test your ability and if you fail, you can’t advance. And you don’t play. You wait around on the sidelines for someone’s permission to play but they can’t help get back on the field faster.  Have you ever wondered if there is anything you can do yourself to improve the odds of passing their “test?”

If you answered, “Yes!” then you really are in the right place. You can help yourself and heal a whole faster without fear of repeat concussions. Dr. Joanny has her own protocol and it’s based on your own unique set of circumstances, your personality and your desires.

So look around Dr. Joanny’s website to get to know more about her insights into health and healing. Dr. Joanny gets you into that important frame of mind right away.

If you’re ready right now to get help, apply here to get help. Follow the instructions and answer the questions.


Knock OUT Concussions!

This concussion book, “Knock OUT Concussions!” contains unorthodox and outside-of-the-box solutions to deal with your concussion. But using a time-tested process from a clinical practice.

It’s the first step in finding a solution to your problem. Remember, it’s about the brain. The brain is subject to your thoughts and emotions and together they have a deep effect on your brain. So in order to heal, as in any case of healing, a change must occur within you! Then you can rewire the brain and create a healthy one. What we know about neuroplasticity today is applied in practical terms right in this book.

Praise for Knock OUT Concussions!

I’ve been struggling with post concussion syndrome for four months. Reading this book gave me the positive energy to eliminate the debilitating symptoms that plagued my entire summer. I’m still recovering, but I went from feeling 20% healed to 90% healed by the time I finished the book. My dizziness, tingles, and spaced-out feelings have reduced tremendously. I have my life back. I started running and lifting weights again without a return of symptoms. It is exhilarating.

You don’t have to buy into everything Dr. Joanny presents here. However, I think most of her recommendations are helpful to not only those suffering from a concussion, but to anyone wanting to life a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

I’m so pleased with what this book has done for me. Thanks, Dr. Joanny!

~ Mike

I originally thought the book would be filled with a bunch of fluff to fill up pages with maybe one good idea throughout the whole thing. It turns out the book is very good. It’s full of wonderful insights that totally changed my way of viewing health forever. I not only left feeling confident about recovering from a concussion but was also inspired to take on a whole host of other things in my life I let hold me back. I would recommend this book even if you didn’t have a concussions but just suffered from any sudden, or lingering ailment. I’m feeling better already.

~ Jordan



Dr. Joanny Liu at Harmoni Health has helped me to climb huge mountains in the last year of my life, figuratively and literally. I feel great! In fact, so great that I just climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro a few months ago. I never would have been able to do that without the continued support, encouragement, and treatment by Dr. Liu.

Michelle Krueck

BarbI am so grateful for Dr. Joanny Liu – She has a beautiful way of taking acupuncture to the next level. She has a deep understanding of who you are and what you are going through by the symptoms you describe you are experiencing. The intuitive knowing she has to describe what you are experiencing deep within yourself you could not even put a word to yourself, is most appreciated. With Dr. Joanny you find the core issue to work on allowing you to change your life.

Barb Shurmer, Calgary

WiisonBefore I met Dr. Joanny, I was suffering from Iliotibial Band Syndrome. I have had real pain on the outside part of my left knee for almost 4 months and could not walk properly. I took several physiotherapy treatments as well as several acupuncture treatments for it to no avail. After being treated by Dr. Joanny 5 times, I was able to walk properly without pain. I can exercise again.

I like the way Dr. Joanny treats her patients. She is very systematic which I have not seen with other medical professionals. She focuses on the source of the problem as well as your well being. I highly recommend Dr. Joanny’s clinic to those who are looking to improve their wellbeing.

Wilson Aguette

harleyshouldiceWhen I started seeing Dr. Joanny Liu, I knew I had a vision of where I wanted to be, but lacked the game plan for getting there. I was being held back by my limiting beliefs, lack of focus, and my unhealthy lifestyle. And I was carrying around a lot of emotional baggage that was keeping me from moving forward.

Dr. Joanny Liu helped me to get all of the cards on the table quickly, so she could analyze and provide guidance as we broke down 50+ years of unproductive western-style programming. I began to see things from the wisdom of the ancients. Thank you Dr. Joanny Liu. I would still be going around in circles playing the blame game, and not getting any closer to my goals. I have lost weight, gained tremendous confidence and am now committed to a healthy lifestyle as I seek to achieve my goals.

Harley Shouldice

LynneI had been experiencing physical and emotional issues resulting from grief, fatigue, and stress. I found myself frequently without the energy to do the things I enjoy in life. I was referred to Dr. Joanny as she looks at aspects of the whole person…the physical, emotional and spiritual.

Using acupuncture, diet, meditation, and gentle discussion, Dr. Joanny has helped greatly with my energy levels and clarity of thought. This is enabling me to manage my life in a more efficient and positive manner, with proper perspective. The physical issues have improved and I now have more energy to do the things I love: spend active time with my family and pursue my equestrian hobby.

Lynne Southward

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